Journal of Communication, Media and Humanities (JCMH) is a bi-annual; double blind peer reviewed Journal from the Faculty of Media Studies and Humanities (FMeH) and published by Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad, Haryana. JCMH provides an intellectual platform for Indian and International scholars to articulate theoretical and empirical research, critical reflections, and exploratory documentation. The journal will promote original ideas and alternate social synergies.


  • Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences

    Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides an intellectual, knowledge platform for trans-disciplinary research and wisdom on contemporary issues in diverse areas such as psychology, economics, political science, public administration, fine arts, music, social work, sociology, cross-cultural studies, gender studies and rights,  history, philosophy, women rights, geography, anthropology, education, legal studies, development studies and practice, international relations and ethics, applied policy research along with other disciplines.

  • MR International Journal of Applied Health Sciences

    MR International Journal of Applied Health Sciences is a biannual journal and Faculty of Applied Science (MRIU) has taken initiative to publish this journal. This is a broad ranging, interdisciplinary journal related to Health and Applied Health Sciences.

  • Journal of Management Research and Business Excellence

    Journal aims at publishing the finest peer –reviewed research in the fields of management and business research on the basis of its originality, relevance, timeliness, accessibility, conclusions and interdisciplinary interest.

    The Journal of Management Research and Business Excellence is going to be a fully peer reviewed specialized academic journal aiming to provide a platform for novel ideas and theories. The journal seeks critical perspective on the topics related to management and business excellence.  

  • Dental Lamina- Journal of Dental Sciences

    Dental Lamina is a comprehensive multidisciplinary dental journal. It is a double-blind peer-reviewed half-yearly journal that aims to cover high-quality innovation and rationale research pertaining to the benefit of dental and medical sciences, especially for the applied clinical aspect for the best welfare of the community.

    Dental Lamina is dedicated to driving dental, oral and craniofacial research to advance health and well-being through discovery and dissemination.The Journal serves as a platform for the likeminded researchers, clinicians and academicians to communicate ideas and knowledge in their respective fields. It plays the role of publicising new ideas and techniques that can be of utmost help to the readers and audience of the journal


  • Journal of Sciences and Technology

    Journal of Sciences and Technology (JST) is an open access journal with the intention of  bringing together the information in different sciences, engineering and Technology around the globe. It is a multi-disciplinary journal covering Applied sciences, biological sciences, Engineering and Technology