About the Journal

Introduction: Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences is a collection of work and a platform for exemplifying excellent, creative, writing skills and communication, showcasing strongest analytical, objective, empirical, scientific and critical thinking and pieces of creative original research in the realm of liberal arts, science and sustainability interfaces. It aims to demonstrate the intellectual diversity and to encourage best research and liberal arts, science and sustainability practices.

Objectives, Vision and Mission: Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences aims to raise various issues, challenges of rising importance nationally and globally. The journal aims to meet the UN SDGs and will be in line with international standards. The journal fulfills the quest for assimilation and dissemination of knowledge in varied forms. It will specifically promote free writing style, out of the box forms of communication so as not to bind individuals in their thought process and in forms of communication. Out of the box submissions will be highly encouraged.

The journal will facilitate to meet the vision of Manav Rachna in addressing the UN SDGs and a wide variety of sustainability goals through research, intellectual, creative, scientific thinking and practice by having on its advisory board renowned academicians, artists and sustainability practitioners, art and culture related institutions from around the world. The journal also has well profound editors and reviewers on the board.

Thematic Areas: The journal will focus on the various domains of liberal arts encompassing various disciplines such as psychology, economics, political science, public administration, fine arts, music, social work, sociology, cross-cultural studies, gender studies and rights, history, philosophy, women rights, geography, anthropology, education, legal studies, development studies and practice, international relations and ethics. Contributions from these areas will be sought and encouraged to give trans-disciplinary exposure to the readers. It will create a set of readers, thinkers, decision and policy makers who will create their own values. It will enable a future policy direction for attaining sustainability goals by bridging liberal arts and sustainability science.

Outcome: The contributions will be encouraged to push frontiers of past, existing and new research and meet current and future global challenges with innovative solutions and creative decision making

Kinds and Mode of Submission: The journal is a bi-annual trans-disciplinary publication which aims at intellectual assimilation of work beyond the disciplinary perspective. It is an amalgamation of research papers, case studies, literature review based papers, book reviews, commentaries, visual arts, theatre, performative art and dance, photo articles, photo monographs, opinion piece, visual narratives, vlogs, short blogs and précis writing. Submissions will be accepted online.

Timeline: The two semi-annual issues are scheduled for March and September- each year. Submissions will be screened through a double-blind peer review. The review will be transparent and the reviewers will give genuine review which may help the contributors. The target audience will include academicians and practitioners from around the world.