About the Journal

MR International Journal of Applied Health Sciences is a biannual journal and Faculty of Applied Science (MRIU) has taken initiative to publish this journal. This is a broad ranging, interdisciplinary journal related to Health and Applied Health Sciences. Focusing on the changing scenario of health matters in modern society, the journal provides an international forum for original articles and reviews. It offers the breadth of outlook required by health professionals, nutritionists, physiotherapists, biotechnologists, sociologists, psychologists, sports scientists and cultural theorists who are addressing health problems that cross disciplinary boundaries.  Researchers and students of related fields are requested to send their review articles/original research articles to MRIJAHS.


 To bring widely spread high empirical research data over a single platform and drive the innovation and technology in the direction of Health Education


Provide an academic medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of contemporary issues and challenges in global public health research and practice.

The journal’s main objective is dissemination of knowledge and research trends in the broad areas of health sciences and allied branches.


 This journal is useful for Healthcare Professionals, Clinicians, Researchers, Scholars and Students working in the field of health sciences and allied branches.